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Understanding Congenital Heart Disease

by Premier Hospitals | February 7, 2020 |

Congenital heart disease or congenital heart failure is a heart disorder that occurs at birth. The problem can affect:

  • Heart walls
  • Heart valves
  • Blood vessels
The baby's heart begins to develop at conception but is formed by the 8th-week of pregnancy. Congenital heart defects occur during the first eight weeks of development of this baby. Concrete steps must be followed to ensure that the heart is formed correctly. Congenital heart defects are often caused by the fact that one of these steps is not done on time. For example, a hole in the heart. There are many types of congenital heart defects. They can range from simple, asymptomatic conditions to complex problems that cause severe life-threatening symptoms. Congenital heart disease arises from problems with early development in the structure of the heart. Defects usually affect normal blood flow through the heart, which can affect breathing. Although researchers aren't sure why the heart isn't developing correctly, the following causes can be suspected.