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Our services are undertaken by specialized teams of health care professionals and doctors, who are here to do their best for patients and offer intensive care units, pediatric intensive care units as well as post-operative and step-down units. We have experienced and skilled doctors overseeing the entire operation of the critical care department to ensure our quality of health care is never compromised and is at the best level possible for all patients.

Our trauma center, a part of the critical care unit is dedicated to trauma treatment in patients who have had an emergency situation. Many critically ill patients need support for instability, respiratory compromise, acute renal failure, cardiac arrests, or in the scenario when one or more multiple organs fail; at Premier Hospital, we are well equipped to professionally and technologically to deal with all sorts of problems and emergencies.

At Premier Hospital, we put much emphasis on specific, crucial areas such as training for nurses’ as well as standardising our care procedures, management, as well as identifying ethical and economic issues. These details have helped us in pertaining to making Premier Hospital’s Critical care unit one of the best in Hyderabad when it comes to treating the most complex of life-threatening conditions and trauma treatment.

Why choose Premier Hospital?

Our department of critical care unit at Premier Hospital could be regarded as one of the most well-equipped, consisting of the most ideal, technically trained staff and doctors, who are working round the clock to saving lives, in a methodical manner, which is very challenging on the field of healthcare management. Our well-planned processes and treatments are executed with the sole objective of saving the patient’s life and restoring it to a best possible condition than it was before they were checked-in.

The 24-hour Critical Care Unit at Premier Hospital is a combination of multidisciplinary ICUS along with ICUS dedicated especially to post-cardiac patients, post-transplant patients, trauma treatment patients and stroke patients. Our specialists display their knowledge and best work ethic to help them recover in a timely and healthy manner. Premier Hospital also has facilities in their Critical Care Unis for neonates and pediatric cases.

Since our emergence as one of the top hospitals in Hyderabad, we have dedicated, high-quality services at the disposal of the patient. In this process, we have redefined the way intensive care functions in the city, primarily through our focus on medical expertise, science, technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure, which roundly establishes us as one of the best critical care units in the city.

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