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  • ssarwath sarwath

    Hospital is in good condition in a very established area well maintained and in hygienic conditions
    Staff is friendly and polite very good cooperation
    Doctor Ayub is very good best orthopedic in the hospital explains in best way
    Management is well
    Hardworking department

  • mallesh goud

    Awsome service by entire hospital staff. Special thanks to Abhinand Sir, Surya Kiran Sir, Chitra Madam.
    1.Quick response.
    2.Good Hygiene
    3.Faster Services
    4. Polite Attitude by all the staff and services

    Special thanks to GNM nurse Ghanitha for your natural services. You are treated me like your brother.. Once again Thank you sister 🙏🙏🙏

    Overall the hospital is very very good, Thanks Management for your kind services..

    C.nitinKumar Chenimilla

    Dr. Chanakya sir you saved my life 💕 Dr. Shiva Prasad, Dr. Vamshi ER Service is best in treatment. Thank you for taking care. All staff, nurses and doctors are excellent
    Good maintenance of rooms..
    I really appreciate all the doctors and nursing staff for their commitment.
    Excellent services.

    AMC Nurses😊 and doctors are too good and they are very friendly towards the patient. 💕And best care given to me.
    We are very happy with that. Aayamma and wardboy are also good in they work. Security is good. All over Excellent service in ICU Departments.

    Excellent services truly appreciated..!!

  • bhaskar venkat

    Hi my name is Bhaskar and my father Mr.D.V.Ramana murthy recently got operated in premier hospital nanalnagar. He was operated for brain haemorrhage by Dr.kishore Kumar ( nuerosurgeon) and was successful, I would like to thank specially Dr.Kishore Kumar on behalf of my whole family for operating successfully. Now father is recovering and he is fine, I would also like to thank premier hospital for the care they have taken and to all the nurses and doctors who took care of him.

    Premier hospital is located in Hyderabad at nanalnagar, and treatment is good.

  • fayez farooqui

    Best hospital in Hyderabad. With very friendly staff and critical care.
    I suggest everyone to go for premier hospital if you need to be hospitalized. Seven star service.

  • Sanjay Subba

    Hello everyone premier Hospital it’s very good all staff are good doctor are so good this is my second time i admitted September 2021 1st time i effect COVID 10,days that time my safe Live all doctors specialy thanks Doctor Sandeep with his team members thank you so much for all from my heart ❤️
    28th April again i admitted food position again they make me good all doctors ward boy ,sisters time to time all they care for me Wow that’s call Hospitaly thanks God 🙏

  • cynjini rao

    The hospital is situated in a very established area. It is well maintained in a hygienic environment. It has all the facilities of a corporate hospital. The staff is very polite, dedicated, determined, shows passion for work. Dealing with patients, and convincing them to cooperate with the treatment is a talent in them. They work in a family atmosphere.

    Dr. Mahesh Marada, Dr. GV Murthy, Dr. Imran, Dr. Sandeep are very knowledgeable and are patient to the vows of patients. Nurses Ms. Farha, Ms. Deepthi, Ms. Deepali and Ms. Naga Lakshmi are very friendly and affectionate, are adept in their work, and took care of the patient like they take care of their family members.

    The ayas and houskeeping department are hardworking and maintained the cleanliness well. The canteen supplied good diet for the patients.

    We’re leaving the hospital with a graceful smile and satisfying heart.

  • Rajesh Babu G

    I have very good experience for my spouse delivery. Doctors & Nursing staff well behaved and took care of Mother & Child.
    Insurance process also smooth.

  • Vijay Kumar

    It’s very well mannered staff and good coordination with patients.

    We are highly satisfied with hospital and Doctors

    Thanks to Dr. shailaja Reddy for clearly explaining about the treatment.

    And thanks to billing department for there support.

  • Vamseedhar G

    My child was taken very good care at Premier Hospital when she was in ICU and also in the room. Nurses and other staff members are very courteous towards her and other patients. They provide good food for their patients. Patient rooms are maintained well and clean. They even had a very hassle-free billings process. Overall we had a good experience. Thank you Premier.

  • Meduri Ramya

    I went to Premier Hospital for emergency dialysis for my father. We had received an amazing response from the entire team of doctors. We had a good stay and good medical care. I would recommend it to all my friends and family for any health issues.

  • Santosh Kumar Paila

    I admitted my mom in Premier Hospitals due to a drug reaction. Their caring and hospitality was really wonderful. They treat the patients as their family members. I would like to thank premier hospital doctors, nurses and other staff for treating the patients in the best way.

  • Kritika Pareek

    The staff and services are good. Punctual about the timings and take care of patients. I have experienced very good treatment for my problem.

  • Shashank Nori

    The staff and doctors are well experienced and provided the right treatment.
    Appreciate their hospitality in all aspects! I have got a quality treatment as I recovered just within a week.

  • Amjad Syed

    The doctors and nurses in premier are caring and well experienced and have taken excellent care of me. Doctors are on routine rounds and discuss the patient health and way forward plan. The ground staff and floor staff are very helpful and cooperative. Keep up the good work and service to the community. Thank you!

  • Praveen Kumar

    Excellent Doctors and staff at premier hospital. Floor nurses also well responsive. They are good experienced and available 24/7. Thanks, premier.

  • Habeeb Arab

    This hospital is very good at providing quality services. Doctor’s and other staff taken good care and treated my mother very well.

  • Bharathi Seelam

    Got excellent treatment to my son here in the premier hospital. Care was excellent. Doctors and the nurses are very kind and I would recommend this hospital for medical care.

  • Shaazia Shaad

    I have been to Premier Hospital for the first time for Angiogram of my mother. My experience was wonderful with the team of the Premier Hospital especially the Cathlab staff. Special thanks to Dr. Chankya Kishore, the cardiologist who has been helpful and supportive towards us. We wish the Premier hospital all the best for future endeavours.