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The Department of Oncology at Premier Hospital is a comprehensive centre for cancer care program and treatment. At our Oncology department, we follow trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approach in the field of paediatric and adult oncology. The extensivity of our medical program and the presence of some of the best super-specialists in the field of medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology, bone marrow transplant and specialised onco surgery makes Premier Hospital the top oncology hospital in Hyderabad.

At Premier Hospital, there are specialised clinics and support services specifically designed for patients. These are useful in diagnosis, prevention and for the many treatments for cancer.

Our oncologists tend to focus on the conservation of the involved cancerous organ as much as possible, but ensure this in no way is at the cost of the patient’s safety. The complexity of the treatment in the oncology department is such that oncologists are always at the disposal and care-taking of the patient, ensuring faster recovery time, with minimal or no disfiguration and work with the sole aim of helping the patient return to their normal lives at the earliest it could be possible.

Medical oncologist

A Medical Oncologist treats cancer with the use of chemotherapy or other required medications including targeted therapy and oral chemotherapy.

Surgical oncologist

A surgical oncologist specialises in expertely removing the cancerous tumour from the affected area and nearby surrounding tissues through a surgery. The surgical oncologist is also a specialist in performing biopsies.

Radiation oncologist

A radiation oncologist specialises in radiation therapy, which is another way of treating cancer. In this method high-energy x-rays or other particles are used with the purpose of killing cancer cells.

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