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Most of you get scared of pain, especially when it comes to surgeries. That makes Anaesthesia services in a hospital highly crucial. A hospital thrives on multiple things about treating illnesses, conducting surgeries and managing patients for various, simple and complex diseases.

Anaesthesia is the medicine that prevents patients from feeling any pain. In cases of surgeries, they are used in making patients sleep through the operation and help the surgeons to perform their duties with utmost precision.

Anesthesiologist In Hyderabad

Who is an Anaesthesiologist?

An Anaesthesiologist is a physician who is specialised in the use of anaesthesia and other perioperative medicines. The Anaesthesiologist will be responsible for administering anaesthesia to the patient before the surgery, while also responsible for the patient’s well being during the period of the operation. He or she will also be present all throughout the operation, continually monitoring the patient’s blood pressure, heart rhythm, temperature, level of consciousness and amount of oxygen in the blood.

The primary roles of an anesthesiologist at Premier Hospital also consist of –

  • The preoperative preparation of surgical patients
  • The resuscitation and stabilisation of patients in the Emergency Department
  • Pain relief in labour and obstetric anaesthesia
  • Intensive care medicine
  • Emergency care in the prehospital period

Pain medicine including:

  • Relieving the patient of post-operative pain
  • Managing acute pain medications as well as critical teams
  • Chronic and cancer pain management
  • The provision of sedation and anaesthesia for patients undergoing various procedures outside the operating theatre.

At Premier Hospital, we ensure a significant amount of safety for our patients, primarily through trained Anaesthetists who are well trained and skilled in administering anaesthesia to surgical patients. This in all makes Premier Hospital a trusted and top-rated centre for Anaesthesia-related procedures and patients could put their trust in us when it comes to surgical procedures. Additionally, our Anaesthesia department is well-equipped with the most modern of medications and best professional personnel for the patient’s optimum care regarding Anaesthetics, before, during and after the surgical procedures.

There are different types of anaesthesia that we at Premier Hospital use in the treatment of patients. Anaesthesia types are different, with varied dosages required for individual procedures.

General Anaesthetic

General Anaesthesia is a more common type of the medicine, used primarily for surgical procedures, where it may be safer or more comfortable for a patient to be unconscious.

General anaesthesia is used for primary operations and renders the patient unconscious during the required procedure.

Local Anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia is used for minor procedures like skin surgeries or tooth extraction, while the patient remains conscious during the period. This is to numb the affected area, so patients do not feel pain.

Regional Anaesthesia

It is very similar to local anaesthesia, but it has a more comprehensive, deeper coverage as it is used in targeting specific nerves.


Epidural Anaesthetic is used commonly in the lower spine and numbs the entire lower portion of the body. This type often comes in use during childbirth and cesarean sections. The doses for epidural could be more than one.

Spinal Anaesthesia

Similar to the epidural, spinal anaesthesia too helps in numbing the lower part of the body. The only difference between the two is that spinal anaesthesia consists of a single dose.


This usually when anaesthesiologists administer regional anaesthesia along with general anaesthesia, often to relieve pain after a surgical procedure.

So, if you have been asked to go in for a surgical procedure, do not worry. At Premier Hospital, you can be assured of comfort and care, without pain to fret about!

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