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Plastic surgery was considered more of a luxury, conducted only at select places across the country. The perception of plastic surgery itself has played a vital role in stagnating the popularity of this highly effective procedure, which in reality has helped hundreds of thousands of people. Today it’s a different scenario, as many doctors in medical science have specialised knowledge and expertise in the array of procedures in plastic surgery procedures but most of the credit has to be reserved for the significant advancement in technology that has made plastic surgery possible at a global level.

Plastic surgery is often confused with cosmetic surgeries, but there is a stark, contrasting difference between the two. We at Premier Hospital focus on plastic surgeries at our unit. Plastic surgeries are conducted more as a repair measured and cover up damaged parts of the body, while cosmetic surgeries are conducted to enhance the appearance of the person.

For plastic surgery in Hyderabad, there is no better place than Premier Hospital’s specialised Plastic Surgery unit. Our plastic surgery unit is a team of experienced, skilled and well-trained technicians and surgeons, assisted with the best of technology, helping them to find highly effective, yet minimally invasive plastic re-construction methods. The availability of such facilities as well as highly qualified, yet top quality plastic surgeons in Hyderabad has made Premier Hospital provide with high-quality solutions for plastic surgeries related to various problems.

The cost of plastic surgery is thought to be astronomically high, but with reasonable price comes excellent prospects. Plastic surgery fits more into long-term planning for oneself, as well as a long-lasting solution that could be solved by the procedures our plastic surgeons in Hyderabad offer patients at our unit at Premier Hospital.

Treatments and Procedures

Some of the most critical procedures we offer at Premier Hospital’s plastic surgery with the best Plastic Surgeons in Hyderabad include –

  • 1. Breast Reconstruction
  • 2. Burn Repair Surgery
  • 3. Congenital Defect Repair: Cleft Palate, Extremity Defect Repair
  • 4. Lower Extremity Reconstruction
  • 5. Hand Surgery
  • 6. Scar Revision Surgery

Plastic surgeries restore the shape and appearance of the body before it was affected by an unfortunate injury or disease the patient might have endured. Plastic surgeries are more of restoring measures taken up by skilled professionals and surgeons. At Premier Hospital, we believe our Plastic Surgery unit is the best in Hyderabad offering the above mentioned solutions to problems that might be of the extreme level.

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