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A neurology department is part of the neurosciences wing at Premier Hospital. The primary objective of the neurosurgery department is to tackle disorders related to the nervous systems.

Neuro Sciences is not a pure department, it comes with plenty of challenges of its own, but more importantly, it’s built on years of reputation on success and experience. The presence of some of Hyderabad’s as well as India’s top-notch, experienced heads leading a team of experts of neurology in Hyderabad. Premier Hospital’s Neurology unit makes it one of the most trusted neurosurgeon and neurophysician units in the city.

Why Choose Premier Hospital

Since Premier Hospital’s inception in 1991, we have tried to excel in medical sciences and healthcare field, thriving on excellence and successful treatment of patients across many areas. The idea of becoming one of the top hospitals in Neurology has always been our dream. We have since been able to live that dream and develop a state-of-the-art department that caters to all that is Neuro Sciences, and it’s a privilege to have become the best Neurology hospitals in Hyderabad.

Our Neurology department is not just the result of using the best technology, but more importantly the presence of some of India’s and Hyderabad’s most renowned Neurosurgeons and neurologists, with such extensive experience in the field. Our Neurologists and Neurosurgeons are known as well for their teaching and research work, and many of them are credited with international experience in research and practice.

Treating disorders of the nervous system are the primary goals we sought to achieve here at our Neurology hospital in Hyderabad. Our work in Neurosciences makes us completely capable of treating disorders like dementia, movement disorders, chronic pains, epilepsy, sleep disorders, headaches, multiple sclerosis and many other neuromuscular diseases.

Our Neurology department in Hyderabad’s Premier Hospital treats neurological problems that need a surgical intervention like malignant tumours occurring in the brain, spine and peripheral nerves, Benign tumours, epidermoid, dermoid, hemangioblastoma, colloid cyst, subependymal giant cell astrocytoma and many more.

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