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Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin

Consultant Neuro Physician


Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddin is a distinguished neurologist with an MD and DM in Neurology. With extensive experience in treating a wide range of neurological disorders, Dr. Mohiuddin is committed to providing exceptional patient care and personalized treatment plans. His extensive clinical experience and ongoing involvement in research ensure that he remains at the forefront of neurological science.


Dr. Mohiuddin is renowned for his expertise in neurology, offering advanced therapeutic techniques and innovative treatment paths. His approach is grounded in cutting-edge research and the latest technological advancements, aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating the consequences of various neurological disorders.

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Doctor's Education

MD, DM.Neurology.

Doctor's Experience

8+ years
of total experience

Doctor's Specialization

Specialized in
Consultant Neuro Physician.

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