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World Trauma Day, 17th October 2019

by Premier Hospitals | October 17, 2019 |

Any physical injury caused to your body is termed as Trauma. The injury might be a result of many reasons which include road accidents, fire accidents, burns, falls, violence and crimes against the weak people including women, children and elderly. Out of all, Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) are the leading cause of trauma all over the world. Most of the injuries in accidents leading to temporary or permanent disability and even causing death. Every year, World Trauma Day is observed on 17th October which is intended to showcase the need to prevent disabilities and deaths caused by road accidents. Day by day road accidents is becoming highly prevalent in India. Some Points you need to remember to avoid trauma: Do's

  • Carefully follow the road safety rules.
  • Wear helmet always while riding two-wheelers.
  • Wear seatbelt while driving four-wheelers
  • Take short breaks in case of long, continuous driving.
  • Make sure your children stay away from electric wires, sharp objects, poisonous pesticides and medications.
  • Always maintain a first aid safety kit in your home and in your vehicle.
  • Ensure that your staircase, balconies and rooftops are safe and secure in order to prevent falls.
  • Learn some basic life support procedures to help yourself or others when injured.
  • Don’t drive a vehicle when you are tired, sleepy or drunk.
  • Don’t drive vehicles when you’re in a hurry
  • Don’t operate large machinery alone
  • Don’t use a mobile phone while driving
  • Don’t give fluids to an unconscious or semi-conscious traumatized person.
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