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World Stroke Day, 29 October 2019

Stroke day

by Premier Hospitals | October 29, 2019 |

We might have heard the phrase: “Don’t stress yourself so much; you might get your nerves damaged.” In fact, most people use these sentences way too often and too casual. However, Brain Stroke is one such kind of problem. The truth is the risk of brain stroke associated with many health factors.  A stroke occurs due to lack of blood supply in your brain. Blood carries the requires nutrients and oxygen to every part of your body. Therefore, when your brain suffers from insufficient blood flow it stops functioning. Gradually your brain cells start dying when you get a stroke and stops functioning of other body organs as well. A Brain Stroke is a severe and emergency medical condition where even a minute delay in getting medical help can lead to severe health damage. So it is a very serious health condition which needs immediate and proper medical care. When someone gets a stroke, Don’t get panic and think that the person might be going to die. Call for help immediately. So every year on October 29 World Stroke Day is observed to point the serious health issues resulting due to stroke and also to raise awareness about the preventive measures and treatment.  This year’s world organizations came with the theme “Life After Stroke” the theme focuses on to ensure better medical assistance, care & support from families for the survivors. Not only that they aimed to focus on stroke risk and it’s prevention as well. We premier Hospital as part of social responsibility educating people and conducting health awareness camps to save people.