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World Patient Safety Day – 9 December 2019

by Premier Hospitals | December 9, 2019 |

World Patient Safety Day is celebrated every year on December 9 at Premier Hospital to increase awareness of patient safety. Patient safety is a global public health problem and a fundamental principle of health care. Today's primary goal is to raise awareness of patient safety issues in all parts of the world. The hospital is a place where patients get treated all the time. However, sometimes, it can be life-threatening. Each patient care process is associated with a degree of uncertainty. Patient safety discipline emphasizes the importance of preventing damage to patients caused by the health process itself. Improving patient safety means reducing patient danger. Why WHO Established World Patient Safety Day? According to WHO estimates, in most developed countries, one out of ten patients are injured in hospitals. Injury can cause several errors or unwanted events. Recent technological developments have created a very complex health care system. This complexity poses many challenges for health professionals to ensure patient safety. Many people treated successfully, but there are times when things go wrong. Diagnostic Errors: Such as wrong diagnoses, missed, or accidentally delayed. Infections in Hospital Care: This is an error that occurs during patient hospitalization. Medication Error: It is because when the patient receives the wrong medicine or when they receive the right prescription but in the wrong dosage. Surgery In The Wrong Place: Surgery in the wrong place means that the wrong body part or the wrong person is being operated. Communication: Proper communication between hospital staff and between patients and doctors. What Can We Do For Our Safety?

  • Support administrative staff by ensuring, to the best of their knowledge, that all your personal
  • information in the record is accurate, including any allergies you suffer from and your history.
  • Be careful about your diagnosis and ask questions if you don't know the details. If you are not sure you can understand the doctor's analysis, bring your friends or relatives.
  • Don't be afraid to seek second opinions about medical conditions. If you are not sure about your diagnosis, contact another doctor.
  • Ask your doctor to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the medical procedures determined by him
World Patients Safety Day Is A Day Of Remembrance: World Patient Safety Day is celebrated at Premier Hospital to provide some knowledge and make people feel safer in our health facilities. It is essential to have confidence in medical staff and procedures. It is also a day to remember friends or relatives who have died due to medical errors or have tragic consequences. Unfortunately, there is always a risk inherent in human error when seeking medical help. However, engaging yourself as much as possible with your care can reduce this risk and also help limit the tragedy's mistakes for others in the future.