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World Diabetes Week 2021

by Premier Hospitals | June 17, 2021 |

Creating awareness is the most powerful way to reduce the impact of any dangerous condition, including diabetes – in our neighbourhood, our state and all around the country. The main objective of this week is to create awareness about diabetes and encourage people all around the world to share their experience of living with a lifelong condition, diabetes.  Every year many health care organisations and communities do their part in diabetes week to raise awareness, hosting a wide variety of awareness programs and fundraising events. It is predicted that diabetes might become a huge crisis in the future health of our population. It is a chronic health condition that can have a severe impact on one's life. In advanced stages of diabetes, it turns out to be a host for many other health complications. Knowledge about diabetes and its causes is a prerequisite to prevent the risk of affecting diabetes. Approximately 72 million Indian people are currently suffering from diabetes. Most people feel like they have more knowledge about diabetes, and anyone in their family circle or friends has diabetes, they start giving counselling. In reality, some people have some knowledge about diabetes, but most of us don't know how dangerous this disease is in the long run. It drives away your quality of life.  During this diabetes week, our diabetologists at Premier Hospitals want you to know some facts about diabetes and its management so that you can be aware of it and take care of your health. Eating More Sugar Doesn't Cause diabetes. Often, you might have heard that a high sugar diet leads to diabetes. Not it's not true; Diabetes is a lifelong condition that happens when your blood sugar level increases abnormally. Eating more sugar doesn't cause diabetes in a healthy person. But a high sugar diet increases the risk of obesity and makes you vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes. The risk of affecting by diabetes is correlated to many factors such as hereditary, being overweight or obese, a sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy food habits.  Diabetes is a Chronic (Lifelong) Condition Once you are affected by diabetes, it cannot be cured because there is no permanent cure to treat it. However, the condition can be managed effectively by taking proper medicine and care. You may need to modify your lifestyle habits to live a quality life, even with diabetes. Diabetes Can Affect Anyone It might be true because even a healthy individual is at risk of diabetes if he follows a sedentary lifestyle. Not only obese people but underweight people might also have this condition. Similarly, diabetes can affect old adults, middle-aged people and even children. In fact, more diabetic people are working-age due to their lifestyle.  Type 2 Diabetes is more severe Compared to Type 1 Diabetes. Diabetes is categorized into different types, and among them, type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes are commonly diagnosed. Both show equal adverse effects and can't compare one over the other. The disease is all about how well you maintain your blood sugar levels and control other related complications.  If you left any type of diabetes untreated, it results in life-threatening complications over time. The complications of untreated diabetes include vision loss, kidney diseases, or reduced capacity to heal wounds and also tend to damage other organs in your body. However, early diagnosis and management of diabetes with proper medicines and lifestyle changes can help you to lead a normal life, even with diabetes. Diabetic People Should Not Eat Sugar It is recommended that when you are under diabetic treatment, you should strictly follow a sugar-free diet. However, people with diabetes might occasionally take sweets, only on the doctor's advice when their blood glucose level is under control. Diabetes Is Emotionally Challenging  Diabetes can be emotionally challenging because it can lead to depression. They are interlinked and increase the risk of one another. Some researchers stated that diabetes and depression have similar biological causes. High blood sugar can cause hormonal imbalance, which results in the imbalance of neurotransmitters, ultimately leading to depression. The feeling of having diabetes in some people can lead to negative emotions like anger, anxiety, and depression.  In such cases, counselling by experts can help you to get out of such negative thoughts.  Insulin Is Necessary Anyway Insulin is suggested when your blood sugar levels are very high. Many people manage diabetes by following a specific diet, regular exercise and daily medication. Diabetes is a progressive condition; most people need insulin shots over time to control high blood sugar levels.  The key to a quality life for people with diabetes is to monitor their blood sugar levels regularly and keep them in control with medication, lifestyle, and daily exercise. Knowledge about any disease will give you control over it. The only thing you have to do is get proper medical advice and self-motivation to stay healthy!  Suppose your family members or friends have diabetes, support and motivate them. As part of social responsibility, do your part to create awareness about this chronic condition so that your voice can reach the right people.