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World Cancer Day 2020

by Premier Hospitals | February 4, 2021 |

Sooner or later, it looks, that cancer shows an impact on many people. Cancer is a genetic disorder which is caused due to changes in genes that control the functions of our cells in the body, particularly how they grow and divide. Experts are working to find the exact cause of cancer. Cancer is defined as the uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells in your body. It may occur during a person’s lifetime due to the damage of DNA because of certain environmental exposures which include chemicals substances, consumption of tobacco and its products, and radiation like ultraviolet rays etc. Cancer can also be inherited from family members. Cancer might occur anywhere and affect any part of your body. Breast cancer in women is one of the most prevalent types of cancer and in men, prostate cancer is more common. Lung cancer and colorectal cancer affects high numbers of people in both men and women. There were 5 main kinds of cancer that are fatal:
  • Carcinomas - it starts in your skin or tissues lining your internal organs.
  • Sarcomas - it grows in your bones, muscles or other connective tissues.
  • Leukaemia - it develops in your blood & bone marrow.
  • Lymphomas - it affects your immune system.
  • The type of cancers that affect your brain and spinal cord are called central nervous system cancers.
Cancer is a fatal condition and one of the leading causes of death worldwide. That’s why World Cancer Day is commemorated on 4th February to raise awareness about prevention, detection, and treatment. It was started by the Union for International Cancer Control(UICC) in 1993. World Cancer Day activities mainly focus to reduce illness and mortality rate caused by cancer. This year the theme of the awareness program is “ I Am & I Will.” How to create cancer awareness? On this day, many events and fundraisers will be organised around the world every year and summon individuals, societies, and other organizations together to campaign and deliver a powerful message that cancer patients are not alone, and as a fellow human being it is our minimum responsibility to fight and reduce the global impact of cancer.
  • Post a message on your social media and spread awareness
  • Educate people in your area about cancer and the damage it cause
  • Raise fund for cancer research. 
  • Help cancer patients and support them
  • Participate or volunteer in the Cancer Day events near you or host your own event. 
There are various treatments available for cancer, based on the type of cancer. Early diagnosis and treatment might help to save the life of a cancer patient.