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Joint Replacement Benefits: Improved Life

What Difference A Joint Replacement Can Bring in Your Life?

by Premier Hospitals | May 20, 2019 |

Considering a joint replacement surgery is a major decision as you are replacing something natural in your body with a mechanical device. It can be a scary thought but if done properly, lead to a positive outcome and a great quality of life. In this article, we highlight some of the benefits of joint replacement and what difference it can bring in your life so that you can make a more informed decision about treatment for joint pain. What is Joint Replacement? Joint replacement is a surgical procedure recommended when all other treatment options have failed to provide enough relief from joint pain, caused especially due to a degenerated joint. In this procedure, your Orthopedic surgeon will remove the damaged joint or bone surfaces and replace them with artificial implants made up of metal and plastic. This procedure is usually suggested when the joint damage is affecting the quality of life of patients. A joint replacement can help you alleviate joint pain. It is considered to be more effective in relieving pain than other nonsurgical treatments. Recent studies revealed that around 98% of people with joint replacements are leading a happy life with their new knees and hips. Types of Joint Replacements Surgeries: What Difference A Joint Replacement Can Bring in Your Life? With the help of recent medical advancements, there are various joint replacements and therapies that orthopaedic surgeons can offer for people who suffer from intractable joint pain, namely:

  1. Posterior total hip replacement
  2. Anterior total hip replacement
  3. Revision hip replacement
  4. Partial knee replacement
  5. Total knee replacement
  6. Revision knee replacement
  7. Shoulder replacement
  8. Wrist Replacement
  9. Elbow Replacement
Life After Joint Replacement Surgery: What Difference A Joint Replacement Can Bring in Your Life? Patients with joint replacement surgery can return to their daily routine following the joint replacement surgery. However, the success of surgery largely depends on the physical therapy and rehabilitation programs carried out after the procedure. The following are the several benefits of having a joint replacement surgery: Alleviate Joint Pain: Joint replacement significantly reduces joint pain. The pain is significantly reduced following the surgery because the main reason for considering the joint replacement is the management of pain. The joint pain is relieved as the damaged, or diseased bone is removed completely. Improved Quality of Life: The overall quality of life of a patient changes after the joint replacement surgery. But the degree of improvement varies from person to person. One may not move their knee like a 20-year-old but can walk longer distances comfortably. They can return to your daily routine, which may include:
  1. Grocery shopping
  2. Attending your grandchildren's sporting events
  3. Driving your car
  4. Managing common household chores
You Can Be Active Again: You can restart all your activities, which you couldn't perform because of constant joint pain. Joint replacement can help you enjoy and achieve all those recreational activities again. The recreational activities may include:
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Light hiking
  • Biking
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Other low-impact sports
You'll Improve Your Overall Health: The most common reason for considering joint replacement is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common condition which limits a person's activity level. Studies revealed that around 40% of patients with osteoarthritis who didn't receive surgery are more likely to have heart attacks or strokes. After the joint replacement surgery, you can move more freely and more often. Cardiovascular health will be better if you move more. Hence, Joint replacement also helps you to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Conclusion: The recovery period following the joint replacement procedure is 6-7 weeks. During this period you may feel some pain or discomfort which you can control with the help of medications. You can do everything as before with your new knee, hip or shoulder. If you are considering joint replacement surgery, consult our orthopaedic surgeon to discuss your total joint replacement options, benefits, risks, and recovery process. About The Doctor: What Difference A Joint Replacement Can Bring in Your Life? Dr. Ayub Sabre is an experienced and fellowship trained Orthopaedic Surgeon with a special interest in Complex trauma, Spine, Replacement surgery and Minimally Invasive surgeries. He completed his medical education from Kurnool Medical College and a Postgraduate (DNB Orthopedics) from prestigious St. Martha’s Hospital, Bangalore in 2006. At Premier Hospital, Dr Ayub Sabre has been a dedicated presence for the last 7 years, performing multiple complex surgeries with good outcome maintaining, excellent rapport with patients and attendants. About The Hospital: Since the inception of Premier Hospital in 1991 till today, we have grown to unprecedented levels, due to our excellence in medical sciences and healthcare. Premier Hospital is the creation of Dr Mahesh Marda and when it was first established, was only a small, 30-bed hospital facility. Back then, we provided only secondary care to patients, but that certainly has changed in the present landscape.