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At Premier Hospital, our Pulmonology Department is a unique unit which thrives on successfully treating respiratory issues in patients. Our sole objective here is to provide quality, top-notch treatments and solutions for those suffering from the many lung, respiratory-related diseases or disorders. The variety on offer makes Premier’s Pulmonology unit the lung specialists in Hyderabad.

The pulmonology department at Premier Hospital ensures comprehensive care for patients and outpatients dealing with the many pulmonary problems. Our objective of providing the best possible care for a pulmonology hospital in Hyderabad is aided by the availability of the requisite technology and skilled personnel. Also, we offer bronchoscopy services with a flexible nature and required rigidness, along with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

At our unit are one of the most qualified and trained doctors, pulmonologists in Hyderabad, as well as skilled technical staff to assist those in charge of treating patients from conditions that could be simple to the most complex.

Treatments and Procedures

Some of the services we offer as Lung specialists of Hyderabad at our Pulmonology department at Premier Hospital are as follows – Pulmonary care: In Pulmonary care, we treat diseases and infections like Asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, bronchiectasis. These are included in our Pulmonology department’s primary responsibility. But it’s not limited to that alone, as we are also lung specialists in Hyderabad because we treat –
  • 1. Interstitial lung diseases
  • 2. Pleural diseases like pleural effusion and pneumothorax
  • 3. Lung cancer
  • 4. Pulmonary vascular disorders
  • 5. Smoking cessation
  • 6. Perioperative care for lung diseases
  • 7. Chronic neuromuscular diseases
  • 8. Sleep disorders related to breathing
  • 9. Tuberculosis
Our technically advanced Pulmonology lab is equipped with the best, state of the art equipment that is available today, and offers the following services –
  • 1. Diffusion study
  • 2. Lung volumes
  • 3. Pulmonary functional test
  • 4. PFT with post-bronchodilator therapy
  • 5. Maximum inspiratory and expiratory pressure for neuromuscular disorders
  • 6. PEFR

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