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Psychiatry is the speciality that deals with mental disorders and their diagnosis, treatment and management. These include various affective, behavioural, cognitive and perceptual abnormalities.

Psychiatry has been a unique field in medical science, one which does not have a perfect definition; a work in constant progress, which is helping many in the area to define further, categorise and understand it. With that, doctors and researchers are always on their toes to determine new treatments and methods to solve the problems that can become a challenge as psychiatry is still against the protean complexity of the human brain. There are both, biological and environmental factors that help in contributing to the symptoms of distress, but the roles are different in each person.

The mental disorders that fall under the ambit of psychiatry include various affective, behavioural, cognitive and perceptual abnormalities. The solution for the same is defined worldwide in two sections, drugs and psychotherapy, but often a combination of both works better, without a pre-defined timeline on when the effects take on the person’s body and mind.

Why Choose Premier Hospital?

Premier Hospital offers its services to the psychiatry problems faced by patients, and our comprehensive department has been established with the one main objective of dealing with the myriad of complexities and problems of the patient’s mental health.

At our Psychiatry centre, we are well aware of the consequences of dealing with psychiatry in the wrong way. Our psychiatrists in Hyderabad’s Premier Hospital believe treating disorders which are related cognitive, behavioural and perceptual needs immediate treatments for it not to affect the patient’s social behaviours, interpersonal relationships and overall make life a complicated mess.

At Premier Hospital’s psychiatric unit, besides treating stress, our psychiatrists in Hyderabad are more than capable of dealing and treating depression, either chronic or due to terminal illness. We also provide counselling on many matters such as sex, marriage, alcohol and substance abuse, as well as child and adolescence issues.

Our team of psychiatrists in Hyderabad’s Premier Hospital are of top quality and skilled. They have at their disposal the best in technology and equipment to assess a patient’s mental condition/functioning. Premier Hospital’s psychiatry department and rehabilitation centre put particular emphasis on detailed medical, psychological and emotional evaluation of the patient before the start of treatment.

Treatments and Procedures

Our psychiatrists in Hyderabad’s Premier Hospital’s psychiatric unit are highly capable and trained in consulting and treating the following problems with therapy and medications –
  • 1. Child and adolescence problems
  • 2. Anxiety and depression
  • 3. Suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • 4. Alcohol/substance abuse or dependence
  • 5. Marital counselling
  • 6. Sex education and counselling
  • 7. Postpartum Depression
  • 8. Elderly issues
  • 9. Difficulties that come with Chronic physical illness

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