Exceptional Care and Expertise at Premier Hospitals, Hyderabad

I am writing this review from Canada to express my gratitude especially to Dr. Mahesh Marda, Chairman of the Hospital for the exceptional geriatric care provided by Premier Hospitals in Hyderabad. Dr. Sidharth Marda’s guidance and dedication ensured that my family member received tailored treatment to address her specific needs. His commitment to her well-being was truly commendable. Additionally, Dr. Padmavathy’s reputation as a Psychiatrist specializing in Geriatric Healthcare shone through her exceptional knowledge and experience. From the thorough evaluation of the condition to explaining the test results, treatment plan, and potential outcomes, she ensured that I was well-informed about the patient’s care.

Throughout our experience, the support staff at Premier Hospitals played a vital role in creating a positive and comforting environment. Their professionalism, empathy, and understanding were evident in every interaction, making the patient’s journey towards wellness more manageable. Moreover, Premier Hospitals’ facilities were top-notch, considering the number of patients being treated. They offered a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for both patients and their families. The hospital’s commitment to cleanliness further added to our peace of mind during the treatment process.

Premier Hospitals, with the guidance of Dr. Mahesh Marda & expertise of Dr. Sidharth Marda and Dr. Padmavathy, surpassed our expectations in delivering exceptional care for our loved one. Their personalized approach, extensive knowledge, and compassionate care truly set them apart. Having travelled internationally extensively, I wholeheartedly recommend Premier Hospitals to anyone seeking exemplary healthcare services in Hyderabad. Thanks

Ravi Rao (Canada)