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Protect Your Kidney Health For A Healthy Life – World Kidney Day, 2020

Protect Your Kidney Health - World Kidney Day, 2020

by Premier Hospitals | March 12, 2020 |

How About Your Kidney Health? Are they working fine? Kidneys are bean-shaped and medium-sized organs in our body. They are located in the back of your upper abdominal area on both the left and right side of your body. They might be tiny but are responsible for various functions which keep your body away from chronic illnesses. The main function of kidneys is to filter your blood several times a day and flushes out the toxins from the body. Do you know, your kidneys filter 180 litres of blood every day? Imagine what if your kidneys dysfunction and stops filtering the blood. It can derail the entire body system, which will affect the functioning of your whole body. The only alternative to bypass the failure of your body system is to maintain your kidneys healthy. This year world organisation came out with the theme is “Kidney health for everyone everywhere – from prevention to detection and equitable access to care”. Just following these few steps mentioned in the GIF, your little beans can help you to live a better life!