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ICCU, AMCU Care Units

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ICCU, AMCU Care Units

Premier Hospital’s provides its patients with comprehensive treatments and services, especially when it comes to caring for the critically ill. Our ICU and AMCU services are built keeping in mind the best of technology concerning treatments and monitoring, as well as being equipped for the most complex of problems that might come in.

Intensive Cardiac Care Unit is a particular wing of the hospital which specialises in providing special and supervised care for the patients who have suffered from a cardiac condition. It can be a cardiac arrest, it can also be a cardiac dysrhythmia or any other cardiac emergency which can affect the patient’s life to a great extent.

Why Choose Premier Hospital?

The Intensive Cardiac Care Unit or ICCU at Premier Hospitals comprises of state-of-the-art equipment along qualified nurses to monitor patients and their health 24/7. Continuous care is something we stand by for our patients who are admitted in the ICCU where our doctors and nurses with the help of the equipment, do their best in treating the patient and get their health out of a state of emergency and back to normal.

features of our ICU & AMCU units include –

  • 1. 20-bed ICU / AMCU facility
  • 2. Round the clock availability
  • 3. ready, 24/7 availability of staff including senior specialists and doctors for 4. critical care management.
  • 5. The most advanced monitoring systems, ventilators and oxygen delivery system
  • 6. A Nurse to patient ratio of 1:1
  • 7. Extraordinarily well-trained and qualified team of nurses.
  • 8. Advanced cardiac critical care, advanced neuro care, trauma care and toxicology
  • 9. An isolation unit for highly infective cases
  • 10. Attached OT for emergency surgeries.

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