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Dr. Kishore Kumar

Neuro Surgeon


with 7 years of experience working as a consultant neurosurgeon at the premier hospital – 1st year advanced trainy in Apollo hospital in Jubilee hills, 4 months observer fellowship in minimally invasive neurosurgery in Sydney Price of wale hospital with Dr.Charles Teo. Qualified in national rounds of Mediquiz competitions conducted by Torrent Pharma(TYSA) in August 2014.


Decompressive craniectomy in large middle cerebral arterial infarct patients and morbidity and functional outcome, Papillary Tumor of the pineal region(Letter to the editor) sent for publications(waiting for acceptance) Andhra Pradesh Medical Council (Reg No-53545) Associate Member-Andhra Pradesh Neuroscientists’ Association.

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Doctor's Education


Doctor's Experience

7+ years
of total experience

Doctor's Specialization

Specialized in
Neurosurgical trauma. Minimum invasive spine surgery. Neurooncology

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