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Dr. K Chanakya Kishore

Senior Consultant And Interventional Cardiologist


Dr. K Chanakya Kishore practices as a Sr. Interventional Cardiologist, at Premier Hospitals, Hyderabad. He did his MBBS & MD in Kurnool Medical College and D.M in Cardiology from the prestigious All India Institute Of Medical Sciences New Delhi. He is also conferred with FACC in 2017 and FSCA1 in 2019.


He is one of the leading interventional cardiologists in Hyderabad with an immense 18+years of experience in the field. He has performed more than 25,000 procedures and 3000+ PTCAs. He is Expertise in trans-radial and trans ulnar PTCA’s.

He is well versed in doing complex angioplasties like:

  • Bifurcation Stenting
  • LMCA Stenting
  • CTO’s
  • PPI
  • Peripheral angioplasties
  • ICD’s and Valvuloplasties
  • IVUS/ FFR based angioplasties
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Doctor's Education


Doctor's Experience

19+ years
of total experience

Doctor's Specialization

Specialized in
Bifurcation Stenting

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