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Total Knee Replacement: Surgery & Implants

All You Need To Know About Total Knee Replacement Surgery

by Premier Hospitals | June 28, 2018 |

Running, walking, sitting and standing - all these regular activities need your knee to be in good condition. If your knee is severely damaged by an injury or other medical condition, it will be very hard for you to perform your daily activities, such as walking or climbing stairs. It is unsure that all the knee problems can be met with non-surgical treatments like medications alone, you should consider total knee replacement surgery to relieve pain and resume to your normal life. Here are the things that you should know about total knee replacement surgery Who Should Consider A Total Knee Replacement Surgery? knee Pain When the intensity of your knee pain is not controlled by medications then it is better to go for surgery.

  • Severe knee pain or stiffness that limits your everyday activities
  • Moderate or severe knee pain while resting,
  • Chronic knee inflammation and swelling
  • Knee deformity
Some of the medical conditions also require surgery they are:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
What Are The Types of Knee Replacement Surgery? There are four main types of knee replacement surgery:
  • Total knee replacement. The surfaces of the thigh bone and shin bone that connects to the knee is replaced.
  • Partial knee replacement. If one side of your knee is affected by this surgery is recommended.
  • Kneecap replacement. The surface under the kneecap is replaced in this surgery.
  • Revision knee replacement. This procedure is done if you have severe arthritis or if you’ve already had a knee replacement surgery.
What Happens While Total Knee Replacement Surgery? Total Knee Replacement Surgery There are basically four steps involved in the surgery
  • Preparing the bone: the damaged cartilage surfaces at the ends of the femur and tibia are removed.
  • The positioning of metal implants: The cartilage and bone are removed and replaced with metal components. This provides the surface for the joint.
  • Resurfacing the kneecap: The kneecap is lacerated. Then a plastic button is used to resurface the joint under the kneecap.
  • Insertion of a spacer. To create a smooth gliding between the joints a plastic spacer is inserted between the metal.
What Are The Implants Made Of? Artificial Knee Replacement Artificial replacement parts are mostly made of plastic, metal, or ceramic, each component is made from titanium, cobalt-chromium alloys, or a titanium and cobalt mixed metal. They are durable, flexible and biocompatible. Post- Operative Procedures- What Is Involved In Recovery? When you undergo a total knee replacement it takes between one and a half to three hours. After the surgery, you are returned to the hospital room. You might feel discomfort while passing urine immediately after the operation. So a catheter is inserted into the urethra for the free passage of urine. Physical therapy is an extremely vital part of rehabilitation. You can begin physical therapy 48 hours after surgery. Initially, you might have discomfort during the early days of physical therapy. Under the guidance of your therapist knee immobilizers are used to stabilize the knee while undergoing physical therapy, walking, and sleeping.. A device called continuous passive motion (CPM) machine is used for fast recovery that helps your knee to move in various degrees of range of motion and minimize the risk of scarring and contracture of the tissues. After all this, you can start walking using a walker and crutches. Various home exercises are given to strengthen thigh and calf muscles that is a part of healing process. What Are Its Benefits? The surgery will give you freedom from pain by allowing you with a wide range of mobility and also you can perform your routine activities as usual. If you are somebody who is having a strainful life because of your knee pain, you should visit a specialist and do the necessary. The doctors at Premier hospital are here to help you out. About The Hospital: Since the inception of Premier Hospital in 1991 till today, we have grown to unprecedented levels, due to our excellence in medical sciences and healthcare. Premier Hospital is the creation of Dr Mahesh Marda and when it was first established, was only a small, 30-bed hospital facility. Back then, we provided only secondary care to patients, but that certainly has changed in the present landscape