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Accidents and emergencies are when you would need immediate medical attention. We at Premier Hospitals are well-equipped to deal with the gravest situation possible. The department of Accidents & Emergency functions for 24 hours, ready and prepared to deal with all kinds of situations when presented.

How we treat at Premier Hospital

At Premier Hospitals, when it comes to Accident & Emergency care, our objective is to ensure that there is total patient care and comfort, which is ably supported by dedicated specialists along with the best technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure and services.

Our specialists at Premier Hospital are well-trained and equipped to respond swiftly and efficiently in cases of accidents, paralytic strokes, heart attacks, or any other emergencies that are deemed life-threatening. This allows patients an optimum chance of survival and recovery with the best possible use of the workforce and technology.

Why Premier Hospital ?

At Premier, we have comprehensive training programmes for our specialists and technicians, who are prepared, alert and ready to face challenges that patients might bring to the table. Our specialists are well aware of the time management requirements accidents and emergencies require, while adequately skilled to take care and subsequently shift to the appropriate facility post the emergency services.

At Premier Hospital, we consider Accidents & Emergency services essential and as necessary as the other facilities we have available for patients.

Our specialists are experienced in the execution of emergency medicine, which is essential for patients with acute illnesses, injuries or care that requires immediate attention. Emergency services are not meant to provide long-term care or continuing care, but immediate medical attention and undertake acute investigations and interventions to resuscitate and stabilise patients, based on what their emergency requires.

The Accident & Emergency department, emergency room, or casualty department is a medical treatment facility designed to cater to patients who need our help on an immediate basis and ones that come to us without any prior appointment or in many cases without their own means

At Premier Hospitals, our Accident & Emergency Centre could be located on the ground floor and is designed in a way to make it easier for transferring of patients from our ambulances to the treatment unit.

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