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Dr. Malleswara Rao


Dr. Malleswara is a highly skilled and proficient cardiologist who possesses a diverse range of expertise in various cardiac procedures. His capabilities extend to performing a wide array of interventions, including Renal Angiogram, Carotid Angiogram, Carotid Stent Placement, Renal Stent Placement, Pericardiocentesis, PICA, Angioplasty, and Pacemakers. Dr. Malleswara is well-versed in interventional cardiology, adult cardiology, and pediatric cardiology, making him a versatile specialist in the field.
With a particular focus on the treatment of heart failure, Dr. Malleswara has developed advanced expertise in managing this complex condition. He possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to devise personalized treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each patient, enhancing their overall cardiovascular health and quality of life.
Dr. Malleswara obtained his MBBS degree from Gandhi Medical College, a prestigious institution known for producing top-tier medical professionals. He further pursued and successfully completed his DM in Cardiology at NIMS, Hyderabad, solidifying his extensive understanding of cardiovascular diseases and their management.
Continuously dedicated to staying updated with the latest advancements and research in the field, Dr. Malleswara ensures that his patients benefit from the most innovative treatment options available. His commitment to ongoing professional development enables him to provide cutting-edge care and deliver optimal outcomes for his patients.
Dr. Malleswara’s remarkable skills, extensive experience, and comprehensive knowledge make him a highly sought-after cardiologist. His ability to perform a range of intricate procedures, coupled with his expertise in various cardiology subfields, positions him as a trusted healthcare provider. Patients can place their trust in Dr. Malleswara’s expertise, knowing that their cardiovascular health is in capable hands.
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Doctor's Education

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Interventional cardiology

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