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ENT refers to the department at a hospital that treats the problems associated with ears, nose and throat. At Premier Hospital, we have a dedicated department to cater to the needs of patients who suffer issues in those areas of their bodies. Premier Hospital offers standard ENT treatments as well as specialised treatments for patients.

The ENT department at Premier Hospital runs with an objective to provide medical care and treatment in a wide range of problems associated with the ear, nose and throat.

Why Choose Premier Hospital?

What makes Premier Hospital one of the ENT hospitals in Hyderabad is the fact that we have an expert team of ENT Surgeons, therapists and audiologists. The department is well-equipped with the latest in technology and modern science to treat the range of problems of any magnitude. Here, our ENT department stands out amongst other ENT hospitals in Hyderabad for the technological details we add, as our specialists are equipped with the latest operating microscopes, diagnostic video endoscopes and a full feature audiology lab.

Our well-trained and skilled ENT specialists perform the following diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic audiology procedures 

Treatments and Procedures

  • 1. Cochlear Implantation
  • 2. Endoscopic CSF Leak Closure
  • 3. Transnasal Paraseptal Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery
  • 4. Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)
  • 5. Phono Surgery (Voice Surgery)
  • 6. Laser Surgery
  • 7. Paediatric Airway Surgery
  • 8. Otoneurological and Skull Base Surgery
  • 9. Somnoplasty
  • 10. Turbinoplasty
  • 11. Neonatal Hearing Screening
  • 12. Auditory Verbal Therapy

Premier Hospital and its ENT department, with their technological advancement and the team of experts merely make it the best among the host of hospitals available in Hyderabad. Our expert panel of doctors and ENT specialists make the department a complete solution for patients suffering from problems related to their ears, nose or throat. Premier Hospital’s comprehensive care for patients with ENT problems makes it the best ENT hospital in Hyderabad.

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