The Department of Anesthesia, Pain Medicine at Premier Hospital provides state-of-the art clinical care to patients and families in all aspects of anesthesia, critical care and pain management.

What is Anesthesia

No doubt about it, getting an operation can be stressful. If you're scheduled for surgery, you may have questions or concerns about anesthesia. The thought of being unconscious or temporarily losing sensation can be downright unnerving.

From a minor procedure with a shot to numb the area to a more serious surgery in which you will be "asleep," knowing the basics about anesthesia may help answer your questions and ease some concerns.

Anesthesia is the use of medicine to prevent or reduce the feeling of pain or sensation during surgery or other painful procedures (such as getting stitches). Given as an injection or through inhaled gases or vapors, different types of anesthesia affect the nervous system in various ways by blocking nerve impulses and, therefore, pain.

In today's hospitals and surgical centers, highly trained professionals use a wide variety of safe, modern medicine and extremely capable monitoring technology. An anesthesiologist is a doctor who specializes in giving and managing anesthetics — the medications that numb an area of the body or help you fall and stay asleep.

In addition to giving anesthesia medicine to prepare you for the surgery, the anesthesiologist will:

  • Monitor your major bodily functions (such as breathing, heart rate and rhythm, body temperature, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels) during surgery

  • Address any problems that might arise during surgery

  • Manage any pain you may have after surgery

  • Keep you as comfortable as possible before, during, and after surgery

 There are three basic types of anesthesia:

    1. General anesthesia produces a loss of sensation throughout the entire body.

    2. Regional anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a specific region of the body.

    3. Local anesthesia produces a loss of sensation to a small specific area of the body.




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